Fusion Product Strategist John Liu and AXP CEO Max Kane sit down and answer the communities questions about the exciting Fusion x AXP partnership.

0:24 – What is AXP looking to solve?
1:53 – What happened to the AXP ICO?
2:30 – What is the timeframe for digitising AXP’s database of automobiles and users?
4:12 – How many blockchain devs work at AXP?
5:40 – Are they already building on top of the Fusion protocol with current PSN 1.0 release?
6:11 – How often will the FSN token be used to query the records of cars?
9:32 – Can you elaborate on how you’ll be using Fusion from a financing perspective?
13:25 – Will Fusion develop more complicated loan finance products like balloon finance as well as conventional term loans?
14:55 – What parts of Fusion will this partnership really show off and show everyone what Fusion can do?
15:20 – What is the roadmap for the partnership?
18:55 – How does the FSN token economy work in this partnership?
19:31 – Can you elaborate more on AXP’s existing customer / user base?

The exciting partnership has garnered a lot of press in the last few weeks:

Q&A with Digital Journal and Fusion Head of Product, John Liu, discussing how Fusion and AXP are driving down fraud and accelerating innovative financing options in the auto industry. http://www.digitaljournal.com/business/q-a-how-blockchain-can-reduce-automotive-industry-fraud/article/544701

FUSION’s partnership with AXP featured on Coin Desk ‘2 Crypto Startups Want to Put 10 Million Used Cars on a Blockchain’ https://www.coindesk.com/2-crypto-startups-want-to-put-10-million-used-cars-on-a-blockchain

‘The first step in the partnership is digitizing AXP’s current database of 10.5 million automobiles. This aggregated data enables information tracking, access, auditing and the industry transformation to a transparent and trustworthy paperless system.’ 🚘http://www.wicz.com/story/40019586/fusion-selected-by-automotive-exchange-platform-axp-to-bring-data-accuracy-and-transparency-to-28-trillion-pre-owned-auto-industry