For this guide we assume you have been running your node for a while now. When you first set it up you sent time-locked FSN to your staking wallet in order to stay as safe as possible and the duration left to stake with these are running out.

You can now refill the time-locked FSN used for staking by hitting send on the time-locked FSN in your main wallet and using the “Date to Date” option. You just need to enter the address of the staking wallet, number of FSN and select the dates of the new time-lock you wish to add to the ones already in your staking wallet.

It’s a fairly simple process but if you are unsure there is a more detailed explanation below just in case.

Figure 1. Time-Locked FSN in staking wallet.

Figure 1 displays what it might look like in your staking wallet. We will assume that todays date is October 28th. Given that a ticket’s length is 30 days you need >30 days worth of time-locked FSN and thus there is only 3 days of staking left until no more tickets can be bought. Time to start thinking about refilling with a month or two of time-locked FSN.

Figure 2. Time-Locked FSN in main wallet.

When you open your wallet that holds the rest of your time-locked FSN (date->forever), we will call this the “main wallet”. Figure 2 is an example of what the time-locked FSN in the main wallet might look like. What we want to achieve here is to send time-lock with from 30th November until 31st December to the staking wallet in order to extend staking time by one month.

Luckily there is a feature implemented where you can send specific time-locks of already time-locked assets. Hit send and you are greeted by the “Send Time-Lock” screen like Figure 3.

Figure 3. Send Time-Lock.

All you need to do is enter the address of your staking wallet and number of FSN to send. Then hit “Date to Date” and select the dates we already decided on, “Nov. 30 to Dec. 31” and hit send.

Given that the staking wallet had the “now to 30 Nov” this will now complete with the ones you just sent to form a time-lock of “now to Dec 31”.

That’s it, now you can stake for another month until you need to do it all over again unless you chose to refill with a longer time-lock in which case you dont have to do it this often but risking more staking time instead.

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