FSN Open Source Community (FOSC) Progress Report 12/3–12/10

The Fusion Open Source Community (FOSC) continues to grow steadily with regular new joiners, greater reward distributions and more tasks completed every week. Since going live in the middle of October 2019, almost 1 million FSN tokens have been awarded for participation and contributions to the community. Excitingly, we have recorded positive growth across many different regions of the globe and a diverse range of skillsets and anticipate continued growth into the future.

  1. At time of writing an amazing 657 applicants have registered for the FOSC.
  2. 991,698 FSN tokens (time locked for three months) have been distributed to FOSC members.
  3. 3 out of 7 Fusion Bounties have been completed, including voting for the logo design competition
  4. Community proposed tasks are tracking very well with updates on the FOSC website and Fusion Block Explorer.

FOSC Growth Rewards

A huge sum of 403 applicants have successfully completed the steps necessary to join the FOSC with a total of 991,698 FSN (time locked for three months) awarded to participants. Remember, you must pass our application requirements to earn the reward. The most common reason for reward rejection is because applicants did not complete the last step: Join the github.com/fsn-dev community and set up as a public member. If you have any questions, please ask for admin help in our Telegram (for regions ex-Asia), or WeChat channel (FOSC开源社区).

Here is the breakdown of applicants by region!

Here is the breakdown of applicants by reported skill!

We are always looking for more talent and reward referrals. Generate your exclusive referral at https://fsn.dev/group/?invite=github.

Fusion Foundation Bounties

Community logo design

Participants: @linyangabc; @luditu; @Johannes; @GodRACE; @bobeu; @sl5646; @kumosoukai; @Tboyloyal; @chaingreen; @IEK92; @tracylovegraphicdesigner; @JamesCraigh; @xergershon; @Stestegoid; @spacecowb00y; @Uniquemeah

The logo design competition was an overwhelming success with more than 36 logos submitted as part of the competition. The Fusion team selected the top 25 logos that were eligible to compete in the community voting process. The voting period began on the 22nd of November and was completed on the 25th of November and included both the English speaking and Chinese speaking communities. The results of the voting were as follows:

1st place — 101 Votes — logo by @spacecowboy.

2nd place —62 Votes — logo by @luditu

3rd place —59 Votes — logo by @stestegoid

4th place —32 Votes — logo by @chaingreen

5th place —30 Votes — logo by @tracylovegraphicdesigner

Well done to all of the participants and a huge congratulations to Space Cowboy who designed the #1 logo as was voted by the community. Space Cowboy has been producing Fusion related images for a long time that are widely loved by the community, so it is fitting that he is the winner of the campaign!

@spacecowboy Please upload the design to your Github account in the following sizes as the last step before claiming your rewards: 88 × 31, 120 × 60, 120 × 90, 120 × 120, 392 × 72, 468 × 60

SDK Development

Participants: @Cross-Chain, @KenianShi;@huhaichao;@marcelcure


  1. Github: https://github.com/fsn-dev/fsn-go-sdk
  2. Participant: @Cross-Chain, @KenianShi
  3. No major update, still under close development.


  1. Github: https://github.com/huhaichao/fsnj-sdk/
  2. Participant: @huhaichao
  3. No major update, still under close development.


  1. Github: https://github.com/FUSIONFoundation/web3fsnpy
  2. Participant: Marcel Cure
  3. No major update, still under close development.

Mobile Wallet Development

Participants: @kernel

  1. Front end: spacing of the keyboard and pin code entry are further refined to be closer to design. The “send” asset function is facing challenges which seem to be related to web3 version compatibility, and team is working to resolve asap.
  2. Backend: the database for users has been created. Also the end points to call asset balances (normal and time lock) have been completed.

DCRM Wallet Application (SMPC Wallet)

Participants: @dcrmwallet

  1. The team has integrated the DCRM public key generation function into the wallet and are designing a nice interface to support the feature.
  2. A transaction on the Ethereum network has been successfully completed using DCRMs distributed key signing function.

Time-Lock Articles

Subject: Time Lock Use Cases

  1. Participant: @Katesroad
  2. https://github.com/katesroad/articles/blob/master/01.tokenize-asset.md

Subject: Explanation of Time Locks

  1. Participant: @Yiixun
  2. https://github.com/fsn-dev/FOSCTT/pull/19

Community-Driven Tasks

FOSC website development

Participants: @linzhishuai, @chuanzonggit, Shumu Haque

Under the leadership of FOSC member Ragawa, the team continues to make steady progress on website development.

  1. The final designs for the Task Module have been completed. The team is currently working on implementing the frontend screens in the code.
  2. The team is progressing on new features including a User Centre and a Global Support Interface.

Fusion block explorer development

Participants: @nycat and @vistwang

  1. Completed designs of the of the Transaction List and Block List screens and have begun implementing them into the code.
  2. On the backend, almost completed staking data extraction mechanism and address search function.
  3. Github: https://github.com/katesroad/fsnscanbackend

We look forward to updating you on our continued positive progress in the following week. We love to watch the FOSC community grow and help establish Fusion as a sustainable open-source project to be reckoned with.