2019 was a pivotal year for Fusion: launching our Mainnet, education and adoption of time-value, powering through challenging situations in September, proving the robustness of our chain with successful hard forks, growing our development community (FOSC), open-sourcing DCRM, and more. The Fusion team made appearances on Nasdaq, United Nations, WEF, and CoinTelegraph, to name a few.

With over 1.5 million transactions on Mainnet, it has been an activity-filled year for the Fusion Foundation and believers of our project. As we head into the end 2019, we want to wrap with an update on DCRM Alliance and development.

DCRM Alliance

While making DCRM an open-source project, light module that takes less than 3 minutes to join facilitate adoption, we knew that we could accomplish more with a minimum viable product (MVP) for others to study and enhance. Thus, in October, Fusion started looking for a diverse group of organizations participate in our Alliance.

Fusion is now finalizing the first Alliance group with partners both old and new. These partners have the innovation, interest, and courage to be at the frontier of the frontier. At the point of this writing, there are already 3 members committed with 4 more in late stage discussions.

Fusion will work with institutions in the Alliance to form a test net, building a decentralized custody pilot in order to:

1. Demonstrate to the world decentralized custody is feasible.

2. Activate community’s involvement to develop applications using our Alliance infrastructure.

3. Improve performance to commercial level and attract institutional attention and adoption

Each Alliance member will operate a node in the bedrock group of distributed keygen/signing. More importantly, members will provide their business or development expertise to identify the priorities of the decentralized custodian pilot to guide the development efforts of both Fusion Foundation and FOSC.

The Alliance will work in an Agile fashion: push quickly and decisively to establish a beachhead and avoid the “death by discussion / analysis paralysis” so risky to alliances in the early formation. As portions of the pilot are released, we expect to grow the Alliance group with parties that can contribute meaningfully to the pilot.

DCRM Enhancements

Fusion understands better than anyone that as a decentralized custodian and enforcer of sensitive access, DCRM is powerful solution that must withstand the growing sophistication of hacks in the digital ecosystem. Therefore, we always prioritize work on security and scalability.

Since the open-source release of DCRM in November, the team has worked on various enhancements recommended by Dr. Stephen Goldfeder and Dr. Rosario Gennario. On Sunday December 15th, Fusion updated DCRM with over 15 fixes ranging from minor to severe and refactored code to facilitate debugging. The professors continue to work with us to improve DCRM, and we look forward to their findings.

We thank everyone for your continued support, and are very excited by the progress FOSC has made not just in growth, but also developing projects using the full suite of Fusion features. 2020 will see many of these projects come to market and will no doubt be an impactful year for the project.