As we approach the end of 2019, it’s the perfect time to review the progress of the FOSC and the ongoing tasks that are under development and will continue into 2020.

Since going live in mid-October 2019, the FOSC has continuously attracted new members from all around the globe. At time of writing, an amazing 709 applicants have registered for the FOSC. Indeed, one week ago we reached an exciting milestone, more than 1 million time-locked FSN tokens have been rewarded to members for participation in the FOSC campaign.

Recapping the FOSC Numbers

  • 709 applications to join the FOSC received by the Fusion Foundation.
  • 422 applicants have completed registration and successfully joined the FOSC.
  • 1,042,398 time-locked FSN tokens have been distributed to FOSC members as reward for their contributions.

Breakdown of applicants by region!

Breakdown of applicants by reported skill!

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Fusion Foundation Bounties

In this section, we check-in on the progress of the exciting FOSC projects that are under development.

SDK Development

Participants: @Cross-Chain, @KenianShi;@huhaichao;@marcelcure


  1. Github:
  2. Participant: @Cross-Chain, @KenianShi
  3. No major update, still under close development.


  1. Github:
  2. Participant: @huhaichao
  3. No major update, still under close development.


  1. Github:
  2. Participant: Marcel Cure
  3. No major update, still under close development.

Mobile Wallet Development

Participants: @kernel

  1. Backend: History endpoint (all history, not specific to deposit/withdrawal with staking pool history) completed. Test server for connecting to end points also created. Database expanded for mobile phone collection.
  2. Frontend: Phone collection design and workflow completed. There was a problem where the bottom primary navigation bar was not showing correctly that is now resolved. The team continues fixing deposit/withdraw bugs.

DCRM Wallet Application (SMPC Wallet)

Participants: @dcrmwallet

  1. The network of 3 separate nodes has been developed and brought online. Currently the team is optimizing the network communication and stability through additional testing.
  2. The second phase will implement the threshold setting of the distributed key generation and storage as described in previous updates: 1 shard in escrow and 2 in everyday use.

FOSC Website Development

Participants: @linzhishuai, @chuanzonggit, Shumu Haque

In more fantastic news, the FOSC website development has been completed. The final step before launch is to test security and functionality which is already underway. We anticipate the website launch at the beginning of 2020!

Fusion Block Explorer Development

Participants: @nycat and @vistwang

  1. New pages to view all information related to an Asset ID or Block have been developed and deployed. On the back-end, real-time block data is correctly synchronising and updating efficiently.
  2. Code to cache the block data to the homepage has been deployed.
  3. Github:

We look forward to updating you on our continued positive progress in the following week. We love to watch the FOSC community grow and help establish Fusion as a sustainable open-source project to be reckoned with.