Fusion December Newsletter — Wrapping Up 2019 With Adoption

Fusion Unleashes DeFi Interoperability and Custodian to the Open-source Community

In a landmark moment for the DeFi community, Fusion open-sourced it’s highly anticipated DCRM 5.0 code base. Fusion continues to work towards its vision of becoming the first choice interconnected platform for decentralized finance.

The DCRM 5.0 code can be found at the Fusion Foundation Github here!

Fusion Partners’ Realio and YAD Finalize Landmark Deal to Issue $5 Million Tokenized Fund on Fusion

Enabled by Fusion’s technology, Realio and YAD capital are leveraging digital assets to provide investors with compliant, high yield, and secure investment opportunities whilst helping the underbanked backbone of the US economy. Read more about the exciting agreement for digital asset finance here.

Fusion’s Open Source Developer Community (FOSC) Continues to Progress from Strength to Strength

In the latest FOSC update, Fusion disclosed that more than 1 million time-locked FSN tokens have been awarded for participation in the FOSC across a range of tasks. According to the update, the Foundation had received 709 applications to the community from all over the world in just of over 2 months.

Exciting Progress on FOSC Projects, Including Development of Fusion Dapps!

Leaders of the FOSC community are making positive progress on a variety of important tasks with development continuing into the new year. At time of writing, the following projects are currently being worked on by various FOSM teams:

1. Golang, Java and Python SDKs are in the later stage of development.

2. Fusion mobile wallet application is under development with the designs finished and development well on the way.

3. DCRM wallet application that uses distributed key generation and signing is in advanced stages of development.

4. FOSC website and Fusion block explorer have been developed and are in the final stages of testing.

FOSC Community Voted for Community Developed Logo

As part of the FOSC, creative members were tasked with developing a fresh logo for the FOSC community based on the values of innovation, boldness and inclusion. With more than 25 entries in the competition, the community finally voted for the winning logo which was created by long term community member Space Cowboy.