Since its ICO in February 2018 , Fusion has been on a journey towards interoperability, through ups and downs, and always getting closer to its destination. Just as any journey, events and people come and go, each contributing a piece and leaving an imprint for the future.

As such, we want to share news that Yona, one of the longest contributing members of the Fusion team, will move on from the project at the end of the year. We thank him for his outstanding contributions over the past two years and wish him much success on the next step of his own personal journey.

With every change however, new opportunities to advance and evolve are presented. Much as we are seeing the growth of community power in development through FOSC, we have also seen the self-sustaining growth of our community admins over this year. We thank these admins for their selfless dedication to the project. Without any compensation, the admins have helped onboard new members, answered questions about the project, push for avenues of adoption, and played a vital role in growing the community into a global project.

As a token of our appreciation (pun intended), Fusion would like to thank our amazing community admins Alg Ore, Dan, Ehammmer and Crypton for their contribution to the project over many months.

Furthermore, Fusion has instituted a community management incentive plan, where funds, starting in the form of time-lock tokens will be set aside to reward active members of the community. It is with great pleasure to announce that long-time admin Alg Ore will be the first participant of this program. Alg Ore has demonstrated his immense knowledge of the Fusion project over a long and sustained period. And further has shown calm, reasoned and patient responses in the in the community in his capacity as an admin. We look forward to his many contributions in 2020.

The power of any foundation is the community itself. In 2020, Fusion’s evolution will continue, finding the optimal balance between Fusion and community to get everyone to the project’s destination.