Happy 2020 Fusionites and FOSC-ites! Since the open source community started in October, it has grown at an impressive rate. In a short span of 120 days, the Fusion family has swelled and this growth could not have occurred without the support from the community. With the Lunar New Year fast approaching, we want to take this chance to wish everyone a happy year of the Rat.

Now, let’s get to our update!

FOSC Recruitment Campaign ends with 1 Million+ Rewards

The FOSC recruitment campaign, which opened on October 16, 2019, ended yesterday. The award distribution for this campaign exceeded one million 3-month time lock FSN, which were distributed to candidates from all over the world. As of press time, the FOSC campaign received 723 applicants, of which 425 were accepted and awarded 1,0492,98 FSN (time locked for three months). Thank you all for your participation.

Although the campaign has ended, FOSC still welcomes people to join and contribute their own power to the grow the Fusion community. Efforts will be recognized and rewarded accordingly. Furthermore, FOSC will continue to carry out recruitment and development campaigns, so please stay tuned for the latest news. Promote the construction of the FOSC and improve the sustainable development power of Fusion!

Breakdown by Region

Breakdown by Skill

Fusion Foundation Bounties

In this section, we check-in on the progress of the exciting FOSC projects that are under development. Bearing in mind the holidays of year-end, activity was a little quiet but we look forward to things picking up as 2020 gets under way.

SDK development

Participants: @Cross-Chain, @KenianShi;@huhaichao;@marcelcure


  1. Github: https://github.com/fsn-dev/fsn-go-sdk
  2. Participant: @Cross-Chain, @KenianShi
  3. No major update, still under close development.


  1. Github: https://github.com/huhaichao/fsnj-sdk/
  2. Participant: @huhaichao
  3. No major update, still under close development.


  1. Github: https://github.com/FUSIONFoundation/web3fsnpy
  2. Participant: Marcel Cure
  3. No major update, still under close development.

Mobile Wallet Development

Participant: @kernel

  1. Improved username and phone verification workflow
  2. Improved Receive screen design
  3. Refactored user lookup
  4. Heavy testing and fixing on depositing time locks to staking pool
  5. Many UI refinements to match design: font sizing, spacing, shadow
  6. Initial design of SafeBet feature

DCRM Wallet Application (SMPC Wallet)

Participants: @dcrmwallet

  1. Modified the process of co-managed account generation and use, optimized the ease of use for network establishment and group construction, and correspondingly modified the front-end interface
  2. Constructed an internal co-managed account testing platform and completed full-featured testing.

Community-Driven Tasks

FOSC website development

Participants: @linzhishuai, @chuanzonggit, Shumu Haque

Development has been completed! Please see:

  1. https://github.com/fsn-dev/community-web
  2. https://github.com/fsn-dev/community-api

Fusion block explorer development

Participants: @nycat and vista wang

No major updates.

Github: https://github.com/katesroad/fsnscanbackend

The following tasks are voluntary contributions made by community members to the project. In recognition of their hard work, FOSC issued a reward on January 15th.

Mining Tools Website

  1. Website: https://fusionmining.org/
  2. Developer: ALG
  3. Rewarded: 50,000 FSN (one year time lock)

Timelock Video

  1. Website:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iHCDGl42EY
  2. Contributor: Node networks
  3. Rewarded: 10,000 FSN (3 month time lock)


  1. Website: https://www.reddit.com/r/FusionFoundation/comments/eoabw0/fusion_the_future_of_finance_or_the_most/
  2. Contributor: @IndividualPirate
  3. Rewarded: 5,000 FSN (3 month time lock)

Once again, we would like to thank ALG, Node networks, and Individual Pirate for their hard work. Until next time all.