The Fusion Open Source Community continues to deliver fantastic progress and results.

We are happy to report that the Python SDK has been completed by long-time contributor. Marcel. Per the bounty, he has been awarded 30,000 FSN (time-locked for one year). We thank him for his contribution and look forward to what comes next from FOSC.

Fusion Foundation Bounties
We are happy to share the progress of various exciting FOSC projects that are under development.

SDK Development
Participants: @Cross-Chain, @KenianShi, @huhaichao, @marcelcure.

Participants: @Cross-Chain, @KenianShi

Github repository:

Progress: No major update, still under close development.

Participant: @huhaichao

Github repository:

Progress: No major update, still under close development.

Participant: @marcelcure

Github repository:

Progress: Development completed! Have a look in the github repository and the documentation:

Mobile Wallet Development
Participant: @wedefi

1) Safebet screens, end-to-end first effort complete.
2) User analytic integration
3) Many stability and performance enhancement on withdraw/deposit workflows
4) Profile settings: mnemonic backup, pin changing, PIN security settings
5) Phone verification integration
6) Referral username workflow

1) Iterations on displaying time locks in simple format
2) Background illustrations
3) Refine designs, changing colors/spacing

1) Securing endpoints with API keys
2) Username, referral, and history endpoint enhancement for features
3) Test integrations with fiat on-ramp providers

DCRM Wallet Application (SMPC Wallet)
Participants: @dcrmwallet

Github repository:

DCRM wallet v0.0.3 supports:

  • Distributed key generation and signing
  • Support FSN / BTC / ETH (testnet)
  • Support group mode: 3/3 and 5/5
  • Support for joint management accounts after joint approval
  • Support for sending transactions after joint approval

Community-Driven Tasks

Fusion block explorer development
Participants: @nycat and vista wang


Development is completed and the block explorer is currently being tested. The test version is expected to be launched around the end of the month.

FOSC website development
Participants: @linzhishuai, @chuanzonggit, Shumu Haque

Development has been completed and the website is being deployed. Stay tuned!