Limited to 20¹ people: first come, first served.
Hello Fusionites!

Our Testnet was successfully upgraded to v3.6 this past Wednesday, clearing another hurdle on our path to Mainnet 3.6 (still on track for end of March)! Learning from our community’s feedback in past upgrades and in light of our growing node network, we call on our community to help strengthen our test network and get rewarded for your help!

Our goal? To populate the testnet with more than 20 nodes from all over the world so we can better simulate “real world” conditions for the upgrade and testing dapps from FOSC. Get rewards while making the project you support stronger — a win-win situation.

How to participate

Step 1: Get your your testnet and mainnet wallet addresses.

Step 2: Make sure you have aTelegram (English) or Wechat ID (Chinese)

Step 3: Register:

  1. For English, goto
  2. For Chinese, goto,


Each person that node requirements will receive:

  1. 100,000 testnet coins for mining
  2. 10,000 3-month front-end time lock mainnet FSN

After 2 months, we will evaluate whether to continue testnet campaign, in which case, rewards will also continue to be distributed.


The deadline to submit is 3/13th, so dust off those PSN nodes if you have them or get your shiny new testnet node set up, and fill out that form. Instructions to upgrade testnet nodes will be shared in coming days.


  1. Please, be aware that simply being one of the first 20 to fill the form will not be enough to qualify for the reward. To qualify, you need to have a testnet node running during the campaign.