Since the announcement of the “Make Testnet Great” campaign, people have already begun starting up their testnet nodes which is fantastic to see. For those of you who have been having issues upgrading to v3.6, to help get you going, here are some instructions on the 3 different ways to run an upgraded testnet node, provided by our very own Hassan Khan.

1. New docker images appended with “testnet-”

Run a miner

docker pull fusionnetwork/testnet-efsn:latest
docker run -it -p 40408:40408 -v YOURDIRECTORY:/fusion-node fusionnetwork/testnet-efsn -u <account to unlock> -e MyFusionMiner -tn

Run a gateway

docker pull fusionnetwork/testnet-gateway:latest
docker run -it -p 9000:9000 -p 9001:9001 -p 40408:40408 -v YOURDIRECTORY:/fusion-node fusionnetwork/testnet-gateway -tn

Run a miner and local gateway

docker pull fusionnetwork/testnet-minerandlocalgateway:latest
docker run -it -p -p -p 40408:40408 -v YOURDIRECTORY:/fusion-node fusionnetwork/testnet-minerandlocalgateway -u <account to unlock> -e MyFusionMinerAndLocalGateway -tn

2. Use alternate quicknodesetup script (automatically connects to testnet 3.6):

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

3. Build from source.

Be sure to add flag — testnet to connect to the public testnet v3.6