There are 3 Community Marketing Leader candidates that will be voted on by the Fusion Community later this month.

The three candidates are:

  1. Telegram: @MattG (Matej)
  2. Telegram: @georgesemail (George)
  3. Telegram: @gn1733388real (David)

Below are the proposals of each candidate:

Candidate #1

Telegram: @MattG (Matt)

Candidate #2

Telegram: @georgesemail (George)

Candidate #3

Telegram: @gn1733388real (David)

I am david. I am running the biggest fusion community pool called GoFSN since mainnet launched. I worked with Fusion ex-core developer to build the pool, which i think most of the members in this channel knows about it.

I am currently the managing Fusion Chinese Community, in which there are many chinese whales there.

I am going to be a candidate because i want fusion to be on Binance, WE want fusion to be on Binance

Slogan: Binance!

I dont think any marketing plan will help in Crypto Industry. What will help to get more users: PUMP the price and listed on Binance.

My planning is very straightforward, and will have ONLY ONE TASK TO DO: i personally have connections with Binance whales. I will talk to Binance whales frequently to promote fusion. Once Fusion is on Binance Community Vote Campaign, i will convince them to vote on Fusion becuase Fusion Tech will change the world.

I think being in this channel since project started and running community pool GoFSN for a year will show me that i am a reputable member in the community.

One more thing, i did help a project to win in the Binance community vote.

Budget: 1m tl FSN for 7months. Since there is only one task, so i can’t split the budget into different categories.