While investing in Bitcoin is a no-brainer, almost everyone in the crypto world is looking for an altcoin to invest in before the next bull run. This is because some altcoins tend to boom and outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum by a significant margin.

However, no one is completely sure which altcoins will succeed. After doing some research, I believe that the Fusion token is one of the most promising and undervalued cryptocurrencies of 2020.

I have identified 8 factors that suggest Fusion will become one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization by the end of the year.

1. DeFi Bank for Everyone

We can talk technology all day, but the ultimate goal of a cryptocurrency is to achieve mass adoption. You don’t know how Visa works in the backend but you use it anyway because it is easy to use. You just swipe your card.

The same is true for cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) in general. DeFi needs the general public for growth and in order to achieve mass adoption, the general public needs to be able to access those DeFi platforms easily.

This is where WeDeFi comes in. Founded in early 2020, it aims to provide users with easy access to DeFi technologies. The Fusion team is building WeDeFi as the go-to DeFi bank for private individuals and businesses alike to utilize Fusion tokens with easy-to-use iOS and Android apps. Everyone can use their crypto assets to earn interest or play in lottery jackpots without ever relinquishing control of their investment or compromising the security of their holdings.

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The Fusion teams mission statement is to bring DeFi technology to everyone’s doorstep with WeDeFi as a non-custodial solution. You don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to gain exposure to the DeFi space.

2. Passive Income from Staking

Fusion adopts the ticketed proof of stake algorithm that supports staking on their network. Staking means locking up your coins for a period of time to receive rewards. It acts as a less resource-intensive alternative to mining for securing the network.

If you have at least 100 FSN (~$50), you can delegate your tokens for staking in the network with a minimum lock-up period of 30 days, and generate 17.36% APY as a passive return on your investment. By comparison, staking Tezos (#12 on CoinMarketCap) currently generates only a 5.51% APY return.

And don’t just take my word for it. Find out more on Staking Rewards, which is a third-party website that compares the staking rewards of various cryptocurrencies. According to their website, delegating Fusion is ‘easy’, and its risk rating is ‘stable’.

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If you are tech-savvy enough and want to run your own validator node on the network, you just need a minimum of 5000 FSN (~$2500), a much lower threshold compared to the future Ethereum 2.0 with a minimum of 32 ETH (~$7500). No wonder I see Fusion as a sleeping giant in the crypto space.

3. The Concept of Time

Let’s say you are purchasing a subscription service where you promise to pay 0.01 BTC on the 1st of every month for at least a year. In the trustless Bitcoin ecosystem, there is no guarantee that you will pay the monthly subscription fee on time, let alone at all.

Fusion’s innovative and unique ‘Time-Lock’ function creates an extra dimension of value — time. In other cryptocurrencies, you cannot ‘schedule’ a transaction to happen at a certain time in the future, and this limits the potential of those blockchains.

Using the ‘time-lock’ function in Fusion, you can ‘split’ your Fusion tokens into multiple user-defined periods. For instance, you no longer need your friends to ‘promise’ they will pay you next Monday. They can write that down in the blockchain straight away in a trustless manner.

In this example, you become the ‘future owner’ of those tokens, while your friends are the ‘current user’ of the tokens that they could either lend out or deposit to earn interest on a DeFi platform.

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The concept of time is one of the distinctive advantages of Fusion, this new dimensionality can unleash the potential of DeFi. More on that later.

4. Real Use Cases

An altcoin is fundamentally bullish if it has solid use cases. With Fusion, assets can be digitized and asset holders can monetize the time value of their assets. As an example, utilizing the above-mentioned ‘time-lock’ function, a user could rent out their house and use smart door locks to control the period of access using time-locked tokens.

You can also sell your future revenue for cash in the present. A bit like a cash advance or a payday loan, except it is trustless on the Fusion network. No credit check required, as there are no plausible ways you could cheat and not ‘pay the money back’.

I can foresee the birth of many sophisticated financial instruments on the Fusion network where people trade the time-value of money. Real-world use cases drive crypto growth.

5. Cross-chain Interoperability

Have you heard of Uniswap? It is a decentralized token exchange platform. That means you can swap Ethereum with any ERC-20 tokens in a trustless manner.

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However, there are many tokens that do not use Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol and are therefore not on the same Ethereum blockchain. What if you want to swap Bitcoin for Fusion? Or buy Fusion with USD Tether? To solve this problem the Fusion dev team are building Anyswap, a cross-chain token swap with secure DCRM interoperability.

Imagine an exchange with countless crypto pairs beyond ERC-20. The Fusion team are releasing this one-stop cross-chain exchange very soon, another compelling reason to invest in Fusion right now.

Speaking of DCRM, it is a technology that lets multiple individuals or entities jointly control the same account, while keeping their respective partial keys private. This distributed key management protocol can be employed as a non-custodial solution for DeFi and hot wallets controlled by centralized entities such as exchanges and wallet providers.

6. Exchange Support

Market liquidity is everything. Everyone should be able to easily buy or sell an asset without causing a drastic change in the price. For a coin just outside of Top 100 list, Fusion is very well-supported. It can be traded on many well-established cryptocurrency exchange platforms, including OKEx, Huobi, Hotbit etc. with sizeable volume. They support trading pairs such as FSN/BTC, FSN/ETH and FSN/USDT. You can find more information on CoinMarketCap.

With that kind of support from the market, Fusion is primed for a huge pump at some stage.

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7. A Good Track Record

The founder of Fusion is DJ Qian, who at a very young age became a Regional Branch General Manager at IBM. He also founded BitSE, one of the earliest teams developing blockchain technology and designing ASIC mining chips. BitSE also launched two high profile blockchain projects: VeChain and QTUM, which are currently ranked #27 and #51 on CoinMarketCap.

While past success does not guarantee future performance, it is fair to say that Fusion is likely to appreciate in value as it gains traction in the crypto space. Considering all the other above-mentioned factors, we could easily see Fusion gaining a top 30 position by the end of the year.

8. Still Undervalued

Most people focus on Top 100 coins by market capitalization because websites like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko only show the top 100 cryptocurrencies on their front pages. They are mostly fairly-valued or overvalued given their media exposure.

If you were a crypto novice searching for an altcoin to invest in, you may be overwhelmed by the top 100 coins, and would not have browsed to the next page looking for coins ranking 101–200. This is where you will find coins that are undervalued.

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If you are searching for altcoins that will pump hard in the next bull run, those coins ranked 101–200 are in a sweet spot. Fusion looks solid to me as it currently sits at #161 on CoinMarketCap. Given the project is quite well-established with solid technology, an experienced dev team, and a realistic roadmap, I believe Fusion is undervalued and is one surge away from jumping into the top 30.

The Takeaways

The Fusion token provides means for you to trade the time values of your assets. This enables debt instruments such as bonds and leases to be built and traded easily within the Fusion ecosystem. This is a unique feature that cannot be found in other cryptocurrencies.

The Fusion dev team have also been releasing promising products such as WeDeFiAnyswap, and a DCRM-supported wallet all of which boost the use cases of the Fusion token. Use cases drive adoption, and adoption drives the token price. There is massive potential in Fusion.

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