As the world is moving progressively towards a cashless economy, cryptocurrency awareness is increasing. Concurrently, the adoption of various cryptocurrencies is expanding daily. There are popular, well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Others like ADA, Monero, and DAI are also gaining users and becoming more popular.

Cryptocurrencies are currently used as payment in different industries. People are making purchases online with cryptocurrencies and receiving compensation for work done in Bitcoin or altcoins.

This post highlights cryptocurrencies that are lesser know but which have the potential for being the next big thing or which may be a great investment opportunity for your business or as a passive income option.

Fusion (FSN), The Master of Smart Contracts

Fusion cryptocurrency lesser known

Fusion (FSN) is a crypto finance ecosystem aiming at introducing us to the next era of the internet of value. Blockchain technology may have had a significant effect across various industries, but it is about to change how we view finance profoundly. Fusion is poised to be at the centre of the transformation of the financial sector.

The Fusion protocol provides the infrastructure for the financial applications of the future that several institutions and businesses are focused on building.
Fusion was founded by DJ Qian. Before founding Fusion, he was overlooking the incubation of VeChain and QTUM.

“While we were creating the projects (VeChain and QTUM), we kept thinking that the most important application of blockchain in finance. That’s why we created Fusion.” DJ Qian

Targeting to create an inclusive crypto finance platform for the era of internet values.

Why Fusion is Valuable?

Fusion has three feature that elevates it above other smart contract platforms targeting blockchain finance. A feature-rich ecosystem for modelling time-based transactions relevant to various industries including asset rentals, debt instruments, and entertainment licensing.

A fully realized interoperability and distributive custody solution that connects both off-chain and on-chain ecosystem and serves as the foundation for decentralized exchanges.

A team with deep traditional finance and technology experience focused on solving real-world cases flexibly and adaptively.

Interoperability between various cryptocurrencies for all types of transactions could solve the scalability problem for blockchains in economics and finance.

Easily expressing time-based transactions on the blockchain. It has been designed to work with both centralized and decentralized organizations to adapt to the authentication and privacy requirements across organizations, private and public sectors.

The new era that brings connectivity to the blockchain ecosystem. It will increase liquidity spread out crypto assets and save cryptocurrency from being singular targets of frauds, hacks, and cyberattacks.

In Fusion wallet applications, a user can create new assets and set customizable parameters for this new asset in the asset creation library without needing any smart contracts in a few seconds.

It supports non-fungible assets like music and artwork. It allows any asset locked in on the Fusion to be seamlessly exchanged with any other trading pair on the network with no fees.

Use cases include licensing your song, creating an asset-backed bond, and managing foreign exchange risk.

The total FSN tokes are 81,920,000, of which 25% is available for sale. FSN price is at about $0.56 and a market Cap of $19,801,910. If you want to invest in FSN, you can do that on exchanges such as Bittrex and Huobi.

Unibright (UBT), The King of Enterprise

unibright lesser known altcoins

Unibright is a company located in Germany, offering a unified framework that brings smart contracts and blockchain technology to mainstream usage.

The first unified framework aimed at enabling business owners to incorporate blockchain technology into their business.

Unibright solution is a consulting branch dedicated to supporting the use of blockchain in business processes. It was launched in December 2018.

Unibright employs a no-coding approach. Therefore smart contacts are automatically generated, deployed, and updated into various blockchains.

The blockchain that enterprises want to get involved in. Offers increase business relationships, new business models, etc.

What Makes UBT So Useful?

Unibright comes up with enterprise solutions, generates process modeling tools, invests in start-up businesses, builds integration platforms, and offers an incredible ecosystem around assets. Their team of blockchain specialists, developers, consultants, and architects have over 20 years of experience.

They turn ideas into businesses, and UBT is their utility token used to buy all their services and products. The token is used to access the consultation workshops offered on the platform for clients to develop exceptional use cases for blockchain within their businesses.

The Unibright team is very proactive and regularly updates blogs about the same on the website called The UBT market ap is $5,766,121. At the time of writing of this article, UBT is among the top 5 altcoins recommended by YouTube crypto influencers.

The price of the UBT is about $0.4, with a market cap of $58,340,325. Total available UBT is 150,000,000 while the amount in circulation is 148,594,999. You can buy UBT on BilaxyHotbit and some other exchanges.

Fantom (FTM), The Future of Smart Living

Fantom cryptocurrency logo

Fantom focuses on creating a smart contract platform that uses a DAG-based blockchain protocol to achieve infinite scalability and instant transactions at a negligible cost.

Fantom aims at achieving 300k transactions in a second. Their primary goal is to disrupt the current payment systems and take over the supply-chain management industries.

Why Fantom is Relevant?

The end game of Fantom is that it is to be used across various sectors, including healthcare, public utilities, education, smart home systems, sustainable projects, resource management, and traffic management.

South Korea Food-Tech Association is listed as a partner on the Fantom website. The association is made up of 90 leading companies in the food and beverage industry. The food industry was their primary market, and it seems they are capturing it. Fantom planned to build its ecosystem with decentralized Apps for food delivery services, food reservations, and supply-chain management.

The scalability provided by the DAG-based protocol attracted the interests of investors before, in the case of projects like Nano and IOTA. However, unlike Nano and IOTA, Fantom offers an infrastructure for dApps and smart contracts.

Considering the excellent performance of the previous DAG-based protocols, the future of Fantom is promising.

The price of FTM is at $ 0.0062, the market cap is $11,218,310. The total supply of FTM is 1,987,133,655 and the supply in circulation is 1,813,658,595. You can buy FTM on BinanceMCX, and many other exchanges.

Matic Network (MATIC), Instant Transactions

matic network lesser known altcoins

Matic Network aims at solving the problem of scalability and user experience to improve the mass adoption of the different blockchains.

Matic Network focuses on enabling about 65000 transactions in a second in a single Matic chain. Also, it aims at making the interaction between users and the crypto world much more straightforward.

MATIC is the token for the Matic network.

What Makes Matic Network Incredible?

Matic helps you in scaling your DApps. You can integrate Matic on the dApps through a few steps that are easy to understand. This way, your users get a smooth, secure, and fast user experience.

Matic network plans to use their token as an incentive to pay users who contribute to the Matic network and keep the ecosystem active. The contributions may be in terms of block validation or computational resources.

The Matic token plays several roles. First, it is the payment unit on the Matic network. Additionally, MATIC is one of the staking coins that are still not well known within the crypto community.

MATIC price is at $0.022, the market cap is $76,803,689 and the trading volume is $30,318,362. You can trade MATIC on Binance.

Chromia (CHR), the Master of Scalability

chromia CHR logo

Chromia is a platform that is focused on solving scalability, especially for dApps. CHR is the utility token for the platform.

Users use CHR within the dApps while the dApps pay transaction fees using CHR tokens. Additionally, dApps projects investors are compensated in CHR token via a profit-sharing contract. Developers get the opportunity to derive income from their dApps.

Currently, finance, real estate, healthcare, and gaming are some of the areas where dApps on Chromia have been implemented. Chromia aims at including dApps for IoT, supply chain, and enterprise services in the future.

What Sets Chromia Apart?

With Chrromia dApps are not just a group of smart contracts. Every dApp has a specific blockchain. Every dApp has its own particular monetization, tokens, and governance.

In Chromia, developers have a high level of control and flexibility. Each dApp has the freedom to make choices, also rather than paying for every transaction, dApps pay for hosting.

Chromia enables dApps to scale to millions of people through horizontal scaling. By increasing the number of nodes, you increase the throughput.
Chromia is focusing on supporting about 50 million token transfers daily per blockchain. Transfers are meant to be confirmed in 2 seconds.

Chromia is valued at $0.0324641, a market cap of $10,596,000. You can click here to buy and sell CHR.

Quant (QNT), the King of Connectivity

Quant logo lesser known cryptocurrencies

Quant Network focuses on providing trusted digital connections to help create a secure digital environment. This digital security is to benefit individuals, enterprises, governments, and regulators. Basically, Quant is building an internet that can be trusted.

Quant has an OS called Overledger that connects isolated networks simultaneously. These networks include blockchains, CRM systems, Zapier, databases, and IoT devices. Quant network is not a blockchain.

The over ledger has been running 2018 and DLTs such as Ripple, Bitcoin, IOTA, Ethereum Binance Chain, Corda, Stellar and EOS have already been connected

The QNT token is the utility token within the Quant network. The token is required by both developers and users to access Overledger, to sign and encrypt transactions, and to move digital assets across different chains. Also, 14.6m QTN is all the QTN that will ever exist.

What Makes Quant Special?

Quant attracts a lot of value because it enables different networks to communicate hence solving a big problem.

The possibility of creating mApps (multichain applications) as opposed to dApps is pretty attractive as well. Also, the option of enabling the creation of smart contracts on DLTs such as Bitcoin that do not support smart contracts natively is incredible.

Quant still has a competitive advantage since there is no other known interoperability solution that comes close to Overledger.

Quant price is $6.52, market cap $78,744,669. The total supply of Quant is 14,612,493 QTN of which 12,072.738 QTN are in circulation. Trade QTN at CoinLore.

BitTorrent (BTT), Supporting Content Creators

Bittorrent crypto logo

BitTorrent is a popular peer-to-peer program that enables content creators to share their content that can be downloaded by the users. BTT token was created to modify the BitTorrent system to some extent.

Most people download torrents, but they do not seed; instead, they delete the files afterward. The aim of BTT is to encourage people to keep records seeded. By keeping the files seeded, they earn BTT from the people who download the files through BitTorrent speed.

Currently, BTT is available on various exchanges, but if you are interested in buying BTT, the Binance platform would be suitable. You will buy bitcoins directly using Euros or USD, then you can exchange bitcoins for BTT.

How Beneficial BitTorrent is?

Introducing BTT will encourage more content creators to share since there will be rewards. BitTorrent has about 100 million users, adding BTT will go a long way n encouraging the adoption of blockchain.

The download speed will be improved. If a file is not downloading fast enough, one can offer rewards for holders to speed up the process.

BTT price is $0.0003, market cap $63,148,242 and total supply 990,000,000,000 BTT. Click here to trade BTT on Binance. (MCO), the Travelers’ Companion

crypto com MCO logo is a cryptocurrency payment platform its native currency being MCO token. MCO is traded in about 19 cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It is used in forty million locations globally to make payments. issues Visa cards. raised $26.7m from the sale of MCO tokens in 2017. Back then, it was known as Monaco, but they acquired the domain name and rebranded itself in 2018. The token itself remained as MCO.

What Makes MCO Attractive?

The Visa card feature makes MCO attractive. It contributes to achieving cashless transactions. One can say it eliminates the pain of currency exchange fees.

If you are using MCO, you get up to $10 rebate when booking with Airbnb and Expedia. That is a lot of savings for frequent travellers.

Using the MCO card, there are no monthly fees or annual fees, there are no currency exchange fees and any other fees you would associate with using any other credit card.

You get reimbursed when you make subscriptions on Netflix or Spotify using MCO. This means you get to access Netflix for free.

MCO may encourage cryptocurrency adoption by offering the Midnight Blue card that is free. Also, the opportunity to spend in 40 million places makes it more attractive.

The price of MCO is $4.3 at the moment and you can get in on popular crypto exchanges such as BinanceOKExCoinuma, and others.

Elrond (ERD), the King of Interoperability

elrond altcoin logo

Elrond is a blockchain architecture created to solve the scalability problem through Secure PoS and Adaptive State Sharding. The aim s to ensure that Elrond will remain relevant in the dynamic blockchain environment.

Elrond brings a great extent of improvements over most of the existing blockchains by improving speed and reducing cost.

The network’s utility token is Elrond (ERD). It is to be used in staking by node operators, executing smart contracts, and as payment to access the Elrond network. The amount of ERD tokens being minted is yet to be publicly known.

Why do You Need to Be Informed About Elrond?

Elrond will not take a lot of time to gain users. The network has made partnerships that secure the use cases soon.

The first significant partnership is with Samsung, which is an incredible distribution channel. There are over 75 million users of Samsung mobile phones. Samsung ecosystem is integrated with Elrond. Meaning Samsung phone users access the ERD token and dApps quickly on the Elrond network. Subsequently, Elrond gets access to Samsung’s global market.

Other partnerships include NETOPIA mobile pay, TypingDNA, SmartBill, and SupplyBlockchain. Currently, ERD is undervalued, but it has the potential to go up in value in the next few months.

ERD price is $0.0047 and a market cap of $56.50M. You can buy ERD on Coincodex and Binance.

TomoChain (TOMO), Solving Scalability Issues

tomochain cryptocurrency logo

TomoChain is a project focusing on solving scalability issues for the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, it aims at solving interoperability to enable Ethereum to connect with other blockchains.

TOMO is the token used to run the TomoChain network. The token is used for staking and voting about the future of the network.

TomoChain enhances Ethereum blockchain’s transaction capacity to handling about 2k transactions per second.

How Users Benefit From TomoChain?

Investing in and staking TOMO is one way that TomoChain is adding value to the users. The annual reward for staking TOMO is 6.33% which is good enough.

TOMO staking rewards are paid at an interval of about 30 minutes. This is incredible, you don’t have to wait for days or months before you start receiving your passive income when you invest.

Additionally, staking with TOMO is very easy. It can be done both through phones as well as online from your computer.

The price of TOMO is $0.449, market cap $31,893,738, and a total supply of 100,000,000 TOMO. You can trade TOMO on Binance using BTC.


From fast, smart transactions, to enterprise-oriented blockchains to great investment opportunities, these ten lesser-known cryptocurrencies are worth looking into.

Anyone who is into cryptocurrencies, IT, and technology can appreciate the value each of the mentioned cryptocurrency is bringing into the global market and the crypto world.