This preview shows some of the first officially listed coins of AnySwap Ethereum. Like with UniSwap it’s possible to begin pooling unsupported contracts for any ERC20 running on Ethereum, but only liquidity providers of officially listed tokens can expect to gain ANY-rewards.

Right from the start it will be possible to move ANY, FSN and anyBTC from the Fusion Network to the Ethereum Network, for those who desire to do so, and we hope that the possibility to provide liquidity for ETH/anyBTC may turn interesting for major liquidity providers.

The launch will come with a generous LP-offer, likely much appreciated by the many liquidity providers of UniSwap who are seeking an alternative and more profitable place to provide liquidity as UNI-rewards came to and end.

The amount of ANY distributed to AnySwap liquidity providers of the Ethereum Network will be 10 890 ANY for the first week. Which means it’ll currently be more than any other network (besides Fusion) receives. After this first week it will be reduced to 5445 ANY/week.

ANY/ETH will have double weight compared to the other pairings. Meaning, liquidity providers of this pair can expect twice the amount of ANY rewards compared to if they provided liquidity to another recognized pair for the same amount.

The ANY rewards will be given out on the Fusion network (not on Ethereum) to the same addresses that provide liquidity. The reason for this is that distributing them on the Ethereum network is simply too expensive.

We hope that connecting AnySwap to Ethereum will be the beginning of a great merge of networks, where moving assets cross-chain will be considered trivial and natural.

Warning: Performing txs on the Ethereum network can be costly. For those not ready to deal with this, we recommend the Fusion, Fantom or BSC versions of AnySwap, with easy bridging of assets between them.