A problem with the ANY-token, so far, has been that there hasn’t been value in keeping it unless used to provide liquidity. Staking ANY will change this dramatically and may give liquidity-miners of ANY an economically valid incentive to keep their mined tokens, or even to invest in them.

Staking rewards will be distributed at a rate of 990 ANY/day . Which is not much compared to swap and trading rewards, but the fact that you can get something out of simply keeping your ANY. And the first week of staking should be really good for early adopters, as the rewards this week (Nov 26 — Dec 3) will instead be 1980 ANY/day.

What will be the use of staking ANY?

Will it just be a way to earn more ANY, or will it have other use cases? More details regarding this will be announced later, but yes it will have further use cases tied to 1. running an AWN-node 2. voting and 3. Proportionally increased swap-rewards for big ANY-stakers.

Staking will only work on the Fusion network. So those with ANY on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Fantom will need to redeem ANY back to Fusion if they desire to stake them.

The Staking contract address is 0xxxxxxxxxxxxx and the contract code can be found at:

Initiating staking is very easy, and once done you will immediately begin to see your accumulation of new ANY in real time. Harvesting it can also be done at any given time. No need to wait for a full day for distribution like is currently the case for LP-rewards.