ANY is a Multichain token, the total burnt number of ANY is 160,485.25 during its first quarter, which accounts for 0.9% of the circulating supply.

1. What are the burn transactions?

· Ethereum (51,291.28 burned):

· BSC (38,160.22 burned):

· Fusion (35,555.9 burned):

· Fantom (19,705.54 burned):

· Polygon (15,772.31 burned):

2. How often will we burn?

• Once every quarter.

3. What percentage of fees will be used for buyback and burn ANY?

• 20% of the bridge fees.

4. Will we burn the circulating supply or the max supply?

• The number of total supply won’t change, only the circulating supply will be reduced.

5. What is the proportion of the burn in the total supply?

• Maximum amount of burn accounts for 30% of the total supply.